Data Bank

An international reference centre for computer codes, nuclear and thermochemical data

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Computer Program Services

The Data Bank collects, tests and distributes computer programs. It also preserves and distributes integral experiment data, databases, processed libraries, benchmark and NEA safety joint projects. Over 2 000 documented packages are available.
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Nuclear Data Services

The Data Bank is an international reference centre for nuclear data compilation and dissemination, with strong activities in the development of specialised tools for visualising and analysing differential, experimental, evaluated and integral data.
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Thermochemical database

The Thermochemical Database (TDB) Project develops a comprehensive chemical thermodynamic database of selected chemical elements for safety assessments of radioactive waste disposal systems.
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Training courses

The Data Bank organises training courses and workshops on the widely used computer programs for particle transport and interactions, nuclear data processing and thermodynamic data collection and assessment.
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Memorial Statement - Prof. Massimo Salvatores


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