NEA Hydrogen Mitigation Experiments for Reactor Safety Project Phase 2 (HYMERES‑2)

The aim of the HYMERES-2 project is the detailed analysis of the containment phenomenology during postulated severe accidents with the release and distribution of hydrogen. The production and analysis of high quality experimental data will lead to an improved understanding and to the enhancement of the modelling capabilities in support of safety assessments that will be performed for current and new nuclear power plants. This will further contribute to the improvement of Severe Accident Management (SAM) measures for mitigating hydrogen risks. With the experimental programme which is performed by the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland using the PANDA facility, the work from the first phase of the HYMERES project (2013-2016) is continued and expanded.

In the HYMERES-2 project the experimental investigations will focus on four main topics:

The experimental investigations from the Operating Agent (PSI) will be supported and completed by analytical activities from the project participants on a voluntary basis.


China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Project period

July 2017 to June 2021


EUR 4.8 million

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Last updated: 12 February 2018