NEA MASCA-2 Project

The MASCA-2 project was an extension of the MASCA Project. It was based on experiments that were mainly carried out at the Kurchatov Institute and that make use of a variety of facilities in which the corium compositions prototypical of power reactors could be tested. The tests aimed to provide experimental information on the phase equilibrium for different corium mixture compositions that can occur in water reactors. In order to enhance the application of MASCA results for reactor cases, the influence of an oxidizing atmosphere and the impact of non-uniform temperatures (presence of crusts or solid debris) was addressed. The programme was also intended to generate data on relevant physical properties of mixtures and alloys that are important for the development of qualified mechanistic models.

The first meeting of the MASCA-2 project was held in October 2003 in Madrid, Spain. The refurbishment of several facilities was started in order to accommodate the specific requirements of the new test conditions. A MASCA seminar was held in June 2004 to review the project results to date. The project integration report is now available to participants and a MASCA-2 seminar was held on 11-12 October 2007 in Cadarache, France.

Participating countries and organisations

Project data

Complete project data is available to NEA member countries and the Russian Federation, the data abstract is public.

Project period

July 2003 to June 2007


~ USD 1 million/year

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