NEA Piping Failure Data Exchange (OPDE) Project

The goals of the NEA Piping Failure Data Exchange (OPDE) Project are to:

The OPDE Project is envisaged to include all possible events of interest with regard to piping failures. It will cover piping components of the main safety systems (e.g. ASME Code Class 1, 2 and 3). It also covers non-safety piping systems that, if leaking, could lead to common-cause initiating events such as internal flooding of vital plant areas. As an example, raw water systems such as non-essential service water could be a significant flood source given a pipe break. Steam generator tubes are excluded from the OPDE project scope. Specific items may be added or deleted upon decision of the Project Review Group. Two meetings of this body are held in annually with support from the NEA. The last meeting of this body was held on 7-8 November 2007 with the support of the NEA. During this meeting the participants discussed the terms and conditions for the third phase of the project (June 2008-May 2011). An updated version of the project database is provided to all participants every six months.

Current project participants

Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

Project period

June 2008 to May 2011


~ USD 66 000 per year

Papers and conference presentations

Copies of these papers and conference presentations are available on demand from the NEA Secretariat.

OPDE – International Pipe Failure Data Exchange Project - paper published at the Nuclear Engineering and Design 238 (2008) 2115-2123; August 2008.

Characteristics of Damage & Degradation Mechanisms in Nuclear Power Plant Piping Systems - paper presented at the 2008 ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division Conference; PVP 2008, July 27-31, 2008, Chicago, Ilinois, USA .

Progress with the International Pipe Failure Data Exchange Project - paper presented at the 2007 ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division Conference; PVP 2007, July 2007, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

OPDE Pipe failure data exchange project - First Term (2002-2005) : Results and Insights - paper presented at PSAM-8, International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management, May 14-18, 2006, New Orleans, LA, USA

Piping Service Life Experience in Commercial Nuclear Power Plants: Progress with the OECD Pipe Failure Data Exchange Project - Proceedings of ASME PVP-2004 Conference:2004 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping (PVP) Conference July 25-29, 2004, San Diego, California, USA

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